Fb announces that it will change its news feed algorithm again  to show more family, friend oriented posts that means news, businesses may not be showed as often as it should be.  Fb CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the change would slowly propagate in next few weeks, and people rely heavily on Fb to do their businesses or newspaper agency may get hurt in results of that change.

Is it good or bad for marketers?

Well, some people especially the eCom. owners may only use one source of traffic, that is Facebook to get their site visitors, that if you ask me, it is a bad practice. You should have heard an idiom saying “Don’t put all eggs into one basket” because if that basket is fell or stolen, you will lose all the eggs.

That mean relying only one particular website to generate traffic for yours is dangerous, no matter where the particular source of traffic is, e.g Facebook, PPC, SEO, email marketing etc.

My suggestion

So my suggestion is use different traffic sources and method to get users or customers for your web. Depends on your target market, email marketing, influencer marketing, PPC,  SEO and social marketing is probably help you generate sustainable traffic day after day.

The screen shot below comes from one of my eCom. client, as you can see, they have different kind of traffic mechanism and will not just use one source.

I hope the shift of Facebook will ring an alarm to those who rely heavily on just one traffic source, try exploring and do experiments with other traffic methods, my blog will help you to get some tips on how to get other traffic sources done if you don’t know how to yet, so stayed tuned and subscribe to my feeds if you haven’t done so.

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