Content marketing strategy is developed through the use of various tools to understand the needs of Internet users and it echoes the famous “Content is King” saying in digital marketing world. This article, however, is not about how to do content marketing properly, but to show readers what are the current trends in digital marketing.

New Marketing Trends from “4 micro-moments” (provided by Google)

“Personalized Search” Trend

“Personalized Search” is a new trend according to Google. In “Academy for Ads”, it mentions “four micro-moments” concepts that every marketer should know and those are: “I want to know,” “I want to go,” “I want to do.” and “I want to buy” moments. Google says 91% of mobile phone users search for “I want to do moments” when they need to do something and 82% of the users will first “consult” their cell phones when they are in store and give them hints on what to buy.

These trends are helping businesses developing their online marketing strategies. In addition to those micro moments, Google also tells us that now people will not search again for sentences like “How often should you wash your hair?” and have replaced it with “How often should I wash my hair? ” and so on.

Use Keyword tool like Google Keywords Planner to find out new digital marketing trend.

How to apply?

When it comes to application, such as “I want to do” micro-moment, if you are making your own beauty products, you can teach people how to properly wash their face and eliminate acne on Youtube. And if you are selling organic food, the most direct content will be teaching people how to make a yummy organic dish from what you are selling, for example, making a green salad. When you are making content, it is not a guessing game nor by instant feeling, but by using keyword tools such as Adwords Keyword planner and Google Trend to find out the right trend.

Final Word

Since Keyword Planner has stopped providing free access and users must open an account in Google Adwords and start selling ads before they can use it. If necessary, I can provide keyword analysis consulting services, interested persons can fill out the inquiry form on the right, and I will reply as soon as possible.

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