Sometimes ago, I stumbled upon a client in Hong Kong asking to do SEO and PPC for their website. After checking out their website, I discovered they were using Wix.

Wix hurts local businesses

That’s nothing wrong with it but the problem is Wix uses Google cloud to host their client websites and usually the servers are in the United States and it affects site loading time or speed if their target clients or customers are in local (in my client’s case, it will be people living in Hong Kong).

A ping result shows data transmission between the users in Hong Kong and the servers takes about 200 ms round trip. Therefore a larger website will take longer to reach your users.

One way to check how long will your user need to wait, is using a tool called ping. Ping is a tool  to check the network connectivity between your end and the server’s end. The shorter the response time is, usually means the website will load faster.

If the ping results is greater than 100 ms, it usually means your users need to wait longer before they start to see some useful contents.

If you are aware of, most Internet users are impatience. It means they won’t wait more than 3-5 seconds if your site doesn’t load. If it does happen, they basically will close the current website and open another one.

That means if you are running a business on your website, a slow web means you will lose businesses, period.

Therefore I do advise clients using a local server to host your web if you are targeting major local markets to avoid “slow web” issue.

However, if you build a website using Wix, Shopify, Weebly etc editors, you may need to rebuild your website as the content and technology usually is not exportable.

Therefore, before you build your website next time, and especially you are targeting local clients or customers,  go for local providers and seek their advice first and NEVER think using a overseas website builder is cheaper and easier.

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