In 2017, Google launched a Shopping Ads in Hong Kong to let a group of retailers make their products easier to find and shop for. So what exactly is Google Shopping ads? As a retailer, how to use this tool to let more people become customers?

Google Shopping Ad Example

As a certified Google Shopping Ad Specialist, let me explain “What Google Shopping Ad?” is and how you can benefit from it.

Google Shopping Ads is a campaign for retail businesses. Compare with “traditional” Search Ad, Display Ad, with Shopping Ads, the advertiser is a mix of images and texts (pictured above) advertisement which will “automatically” show to the search users once your product title matches with the user search (see above example). Retailers can choose to promote online store, or their offline store’s products but it’s only available to certain countries (not include Hong Kong).

Google Merchant Center

To use Google Shopping Ad, first create an account with Google Merchant Center and link it to your Adwords account. If you do not have an Adwords account or do not know how to set up a Google Store account, you can browse this page

Once you have linked your Merchant Center and Adwords accounts, you can create a Google Shopping ad. Setting up Google Shopping ads is very different from other Google ads because you do not need to type in keywords, create ads, or upload images. All products information is set up via the product data feed that you create with Google Merchant Account. When you’ve finished setting it up, you can then create the Shopping ads.

Google Shopping Ads Optimization - long tail keywords

When you type in for example, product brand + product name in Google, the shopping ads will show (like the figure above). To optimize your Google Shopping Ads, is similar to do on page SEO, what you need to do is type in long tail keywords of your product keyword into the title, for example, it will be brand names, model number and country of origin. For example, one of my clients selling Korean facial mask, I write something like It’s Skin Korean snail mask, Anessa SPF 15 ++ sunscreen and so on in the title and make them easier to show on the Google shopping results. In addition to this approach, retailers can display discounts on , user reviews, and so on (as shown below figure) on the shopping ad and it will attract more users to click on the ads. Those information can only achieved by updating the product feed.

eStore Owner can show
products discounts on the shopping ad (via product feed) to get more clicks.

How to create / update Product Feed?

To create / update a product feed, it depends on the platform used by the store. For details, welcome to message me, thank you!

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