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Why My Search Engine Marketing Services?

Performance Based*

I charge only based on performance no matter you want SEO or PPC services which means I will NOT burn
your PPC budget nor I will only charge when you see some results*. Fill out the contact form in the right for more details.

Guaranteed increase your web traffic and leads volume

I’ve had an overseas e-commerce client that after using my SEM optimization service, her ROI increased by at least 60% and her revenue nearly doubled in 6 months. When you use my service, I guarantee your web site traffic and leads volume will also be increased.

Adwords Optimization Expert

I have helped many clients to optimize their Adwords campaign for various fields. One example is I optimized an ecommerce client Adwords campaign which I successfully doubled their revenue while reducing half of their ad. costs.

Certified by Google

I own 2 valid certifications from Google, one is Shopping and the other is Search, you can click the link above for verification.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

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