SEO 籍得做嗎?

由於現在的網上廣告費越來越貴,要尋找目標客戶,除了在Google,Yahoo 等搜尋器,或 Fb,Instagram 等社交媒體平台上賣廣告外,一些網上推廣公司更會說服客戶做 SEO 搜尋器優化服務,簡單來說就是當用戶在搜尋器輸入如「迷你倉」等關鍵詞,你的網頁會出現在搜尋器頁面第一頁。好處在於,一旦優化成功,會為你的網頁帶來免費無限流量,聽來都覺得恨爽! 雖則如此,不過 SEO 過程漫長,快則三個月,慢則一年半載,而且也未必一定能成功優化,那麼 SEO 還藉得做嗎? 在回答這個問題前,我們先看看從外國調查機構對於搜尋器自然結果頁面列表 (SERP)的點擊率的調查 SERP 點擊率一覽表,來源 從上表看到,排 SERP 第 1 名的網頁可獲得的點擊率為 31.24%,第 2 名可獲得 14.04%,第 3 名 9.85%,第 4 名 6.97%,第 5 名 5.5%,6 – 10 名為 3.3%。用回上面那個迷你倉的例子,這個詞基於現時的 Adwords 數據,每點擊(CPC)價格為 $57,每月280個點擊。而這個詞的每月搜尋量為 14,800,即如果這個迷你倉網頁可以出現在 Google 第一頁的話,14,800 x 0.033 = 488.3,大概每月從 Google 可獲得 488 個免費流量。 而看看藉不藉得做,也要看「迷你倉」的競爭程度,從一些 SEO 軟體中,可以看到這個詞屬於中等程度競爭性,從經驗上,大概需要半年時間可以推到 Google […]

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Three ways to optimized Your Adwords Account

One of the benefits of search engine marketing is its precision. In addition to that, one can even use remarketing strategy to show ads to users who have visited your website before. But quite often, the advertisers will ask question like how I can reduce advertising expenditures and increase sales further? The following are the […]

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How to Increase Your Ecom Store Traffic?

Not long ago, there was a survey that said more than 30% people of Hong Kong have a part time job and some of them choose to start an ecom store. The reasons to start an ecom because people think the start up cost is very limited when compare to open up a physical store […]

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No More Business Posts in FB?

Fb announces that it will change its news feed algorithm again  to show more family, friend oriented posts that means news, businesses may not be showed as often as it should be.  Fb CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the change would slowly propagate in next few weeks, and people rely heavily on Fb to do their businesses […]

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Never use Wix, Shopify to Build your Web

Sometimes ago, I stumbled upon a client in Hong Kong asking to do SEO and PPC for their website. After checking out their website, I discovered they were using Wix. Wix hurts local businesses That’s nothing wrong with it but the problem is Wix uses Google cloud to host their client websites and usually the […]

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