How to Increase Your Ecom Store Traffic?

Not long ago, there was a survey that said more than 30% people of Hong Kong have a part time job and some of them choose to start an ecom store. The reasons to start an ecom because people think the start up cost is very limited when compare to open up a physical store […]

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No More Business Posts in FB?

Fb announces that it will change its news feed algorithm again  to show more family, friend oriented posts that means news, businesses may not be showed as often as it should be.  Fb CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the change would slowly propagate in next few weeks, and people rely heavily on Fb to do their businesses […]

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Never use Wix, Shopify to Build your Web

Sometimes ago, I stumbled upon a client in Hong Kong asking to do SEO and PPC for their website. After checking out their website, I discovered they were using Wix. Wix hurts local businesses That’s nothing wrong with it but the problem is Wix uses Google cloud to host their client websites and usually the […]

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