Digital Marketing Terms & Glossary (Alphabet A)

If you are starting up your business and would like to advertise online, here is list of terms that you may find it useful:

A/B Testing (Split Testing)

Usually marketers will test (two or more) copies of advertisements and see which one has better results, this often refers to split testing or A/B testing.


Split test can be used in various places, such as email marketing, PPC or even on the landing page. In terms of email marketing, marketers usually will test two version of headlines and see which one will get better open rates.

However in terms of landing page, there are numbers of elements that you can test, for example, the headlines of your sales page copies, shapes, color and even texts on the “add to cart” button and so on.

Above the fold

The term refers to web pages elements that do not require users to scroll on the browsers to see the content. In terms of online advertising, you may want to ensure  your ads that are placed in the “above the fold” of a web page because there are most website visitors will get their attention from.

Affiliate Marketing

In some industries, such as insurance or real estate, the companies usually will recruit a number of salesperson and only pay them a percentage of the products price if they can generate a sales successfully. In digital marketing industries, affiliate marketing does the same thing.

Usually you are a product or service owner, and you recruit a team and provide all necessary marketing materials (e.g. banners, email copies, social media messages etc) to the representatives (affiliates)  to sell that products on the internet and only pay them commissions when they successfully generate sales.

Sales Tracking Mechanism

To successfully record sales, the products owners will provide a special link to their affiliates so that both the affiliate and the product owners will know where the sales come from and hence pay the affiliates commission.


A successful marketer will use a special code to track how many visitors they have per day and what sort of activities the users will do on their sites so that they can turn these visitors into a conversion or things that the site owners want them to do later.

Analytics refer to discovery, collection, and interpretation of data on the website and hence comes to a meaningful conclusion to the site owner.

Some software like Google analytics, Facebook analytics, or Baidu Tongji exactly do things like that. Site owners can install a snippet of code on their websites, so that they will have a better picture on how to market your products to their users.


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