Qualities of an Effective Content Marketing

If you want to begin using content marketing as your main form of customer gathering, then you must have a solid knowledge of creating quality content. People are tired of getting garbage information every day and they tend to know if an email, article or post will go to the trashcan or put under “read later” to read thoroughly. With that in mind, make sure that your content won’t join thousands of others in the recycle bin or inside a tightly sealed spam container.

What is Content?

Before we discuss the qualities of an effective content marketing, we need to understand the main focus of it, which is the content. Content isn’t just a piece of a written article, as many of the beginners often perceive. Content varies from videos, images, white papers, blog posts, animated GIFs, books, games and more. As long as it provides informational value, it is a content. The quality of the information determines the success of the content to the target customers. That’s why we need to understand the qualities of an effective content marketing.

The Keys of an Effective Content Marketing

A great content must have the right tone. Your audience will have an expectation if you have a tone in your writing. Make sure that you create a tone that is both appropriate and consistent. If you are going to promote a brand that needs authority and recognition in its field, make sure that you have a serious and formal tone. If you have a brand that will target younger audience looking for entertainment, your tone should obviously be light and funny.

Your content or writing should have a distinguishable voice. The voice will be the personality of your writing. Your brand or product should be easily recognizable when people read or see your content. It’s the same as with your friends can easily determine that it’s you over a phone because of your voice. In order to succeed, make sure that you completely understand the brand or product that you promote.

You must understand your target audience. For this part, you have to answer the question, who will see or read my content? If you answered everybody, then you’ve become a recipe for a tragic disaster. In order to create a quality content, you need to know your audience. This will make sure that your writing, tone and voice is appropriate. Ask yourself; is my target audience male or female? Wealthy? Young? Old? Teen? Managers? Gamers?

You must understand your niche. The niche is your specialization or in other words, if your company sells video games, then you are in the video game niche. Think if it as a category. Then combine niche and target audience and you can easily craft powerful content. If you’re in the video game niche targeting teenagers, then you create video game related content, which should be easily understood by teens.

You must have a direction. Make sure that you have a preliminary goal in mind. Understand what you’re going to post; is it videos, infographics or articles? Then make sure to know where to post them, i.e. if you’re going to create videos, then it’s going to be on YouTube, and so on and so forth.

What is Content Marketing?

You’re probably hearing this phrase every now and then, from forums, social media, chat rooms and bulletin boards.  This is a very popular term for businesses today because traditional marketing is slowly losing its ground. Customers ignore advertisement from magazines, they use DVR to skip commercials, and they ignore website banners and buttons assuming that they’re not there. Those events signify the end of traditional marketing and one of the reasons why traditional marketing is slowly dying is because information can be easily grasped with a mouse click or touch. If that is the case, as a business entity, what can we do? We use content marketing.

Content Marketing – The Present and the Future of Marketing

Because information so abundant that people are often “overdosed” with lots of data coming from different mediums, they tend to read and select only the most valuable and worthy of them. Those other informational garbage are often trashed or marked as spam.

The reason behind the information overdose is because companies or marketers who don’t understand content marketing often produce garbage information sending them to thousands of emails, doorstep, phone numbers, etc. and hence, people tend to ignore it, trash them or mark them as spam. Worst, they even unsubscribe or unfollow your company, which results to a lost customer.

With that in mind, content marketing is essential and it is the present and future of marketing. Consumers have changed because of the emergence of information technology. They often tend to do their research first before committing to a certain service or product or company. Therefore, creating a great content for your business is essential.

Content Marketing – What Exactly Is It?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

If you have a company selling flowers and you have a website, your content marketing strategy will be focused around creating excellent content related to flowers. One example is about preventing insects from damaging flowers. You then write a thorough, informative and correct information about it. However, make sure that your content focuses only on the topic, don’t insert any advertisement or promotions in between lines because your customer might think that you’re just using the content to lure them.

Creating a dedicated and valuable content is essential to a successful content marketing strategy. If you wish to engage your customers, insert a short call to action at the end of your content. As for the example we have earlier, you can add a short phrase at the bottom telling your customers that if they are interested in effective insecticide products, they can contact you anytime or have a look in your online shop (if you have any).

That content marketing strategy will get your customer thinking about the full, uninterrupted information that you just wrote and if they are satisfied with your information, they are more likely to contact you for a dozen of insecticide.